Course Details
  • Class times
    • Monday evening: 17:00 - 20:00
    • Saturday morning: 09:00 - 12:00
  • Duration
    • 5 weeks each
  • Fees
    • Beginner: K850/student
    • Intermediate: K1,000/student
    • Advanced: K1,150/student
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Computer Skills

This programme is an introductory course aimed at equipping the participant with necessary practical skills to use a computer. The course will also cover basic theory regarding the computer, identifying the key elements of a computer system. At the advanced level, students will be able to learn about web applications and the latest developments in technology. Students will also learn some advanced features of the Microsoft Office products.

To begin with computer technology will be defined as a tool, given to man by God, allowing him to fulfil his cultural mandate. Students will be able to appreciate that man has been given the ability to develop computer technology and that all advancements that have been made are simply discoveries of laws that God has placed in creation and not an invention by man. Understanding technology from this perspective will allow students to have a healthy outlook on technology, avoiding either extreme of idolatry or evasion. At the advanced level, students will be able to evaluate ethical issues associated with computer technology and some of its advancements. Students will also be able to investigate the impact technology is having on social behaviours.


To accommodate varying skill levels, 3 levels will be offered. A breakdown of each level is given below:

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Microsoft Word Microsoft Word II Microsoft Word III
Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel II Microsoft Excel III
Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint II Microsoft PowerPoint III
The Components of a computer Email & Internet Google Applications, Kindle & Online Purchasing
A Biblical Perspective on Computer Technology Using Technology in a God honouring manner Using technology to address developmental challenges in Zambia
Developments in Computer Technology
Computers & Ethics