Postgraduate diploma in Christian Worldview

Course Details
  • Duration
    • 5 months
    • Start Date:8th June, 2019
  • Class Schedule
  • Each level will start at the following dates:
    • Beginner: 4th March & 5th August
    • Intermediate: 29th April & 23rd September
    • Advanced: 17th June & 11th November
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A diploma-granting programme designed to equip Christians to engage in bringing a redemptive impact beyond the church and into the culture. A unique curriculum has been developed that will go beyond the church’s work of teaching Bible and Theology, and target building a foundation in the Biblical worldview for engagement in ministry through any career or vocation. The courses and assignments will cover a breadth of humanities and sciences taught in such a way as to drastically renew the thinking of even seasoned Christians well beyond the traditional, secular perspective from which all contemporary education is derived and instead help them to discern from a sound, Biblically aligned mindset. this programme will equip you to experience a paradigm shift in applying your Christian faith to cultural transformation through gospel-saturated thinking.

Target Audience

    • Individuals who may already have a graduate or post-graduate qualification in their field but are seeking to learn how they can approach their discipline from a biblical worldview.

    Proposed Courses:

    • Introduction to Critical Thinking
    • Bible's Grand Narrative (redemptive history)
    • Mathematics
    • Hermeneutics
    • History of Thought
    • Christian Ethics
    • Theology of Culture
    • Sociology and Political Science
    • Foundations of Science
    • Business as Missions/ Vocational Evangelism
    • Literature & Worldview
    • Arts
    • Technology

    Proposed Courses

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